January 2020

Mark was very engaging and knowledgeable about the software.
Excellent course, highly recommended.
– PW, Amsterdam

Amazing, the course taught me loads of things. Can't wait to put them in practice! Mark Gatter is a truly exceptional teacher.
– AC, Madrid

Mark is great and really draws on his previous experience. A lovely informal environment too.
– JF, London

Really enjoyed the training. Mark provided us with tips and hints for InDesign as well as relating it to his experience of the software and how he uses it. Really useful content.
– FT, Shanghai

Amazing experience, very productive, taught by Mark Gatter.
– CC, London

Mark was very knowledgeable and flexible to people's training needs. He was able to teach us in a manner which suited everyone's personal needs and which worked well for me.
– DF, York

Mark was really knowledgable about indesign and was really helpful with answering questions that were asked about the system.
– EP, York

Very informative and lifted the lid on the secrets of four colour digital design, repro and offset print.
– CS, London

Want to come and do the advanced course!
– SW, London

Very knowledgeable and helpful - thank you!
– E S-C, London

Very good information put clearly for beginners.
– RD, Christchurch

Excellent course with very engaging trainer. Can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice.
– RS, London


All the comments below are from people who have attended recent courses. None are more than three months old – because after three months, they get deleted! 

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