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Adobe InDesign CC –

A Complete Introduction

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Color Theory Essentials

Adobe InDesign CC –


Creating hyperlinks 
(video 1, video 2)

Interactive slideshows 
(video 1, video 2)


Email links, page transitions
& bookmarks
 (video 1, video 2)​

Adobe InDesign CC –

Advanced Tips & Tricks

Online Video Tutorials

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A Complete Introduction to Adobe
InDesign CC

Find the whole course on Udemy or Skillshare 


3 hrs 38 videos

Even if you've never used Adobe InDesign before, this course will take you from being a total newbie to being able to work right alongside graphics professionals. This course goes way beyond the basics. It will show you the right way, the easiest way, and the best way to work with colour, type and images. I'll show you how to deconstruct any project into 4 main areas: colour, type, text wrap and images. You'll also learn how to add page numbers, use master pages and lots more. Finally I'll also show you how to output your work either for sending to a client for approval, uploading it to a website or handing it off to a commercial printer. Adobe InDesign CC is a great program!

Color Theory Essentials

Find the whole course on Udemy or Skillshare 


1hr 13 vids

Coming up with a range of colors for a project can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are loads of useful tools out there to help you create the color theme of your dreams. You can take a 'traditional' approach, generate your colors from an image, get help from one of the many online sites or...stand on the shoulders of giants. Can't decide on your colors? OK, why not get Leonardo da Vinci, or Picasso, or...well, anyone you want – to pick them for you. And I'm not kidding!

Interactive Adobe InDesign CC

Find the whole course on Udemy or Skillshare

1.5 hrs 23 videos

Hyperlinks, buttons, interactive table of contents, bookmarks, video, animation, slideshows and more – whatever kind of interactive element you want to add to your InDesign documents, this course will tell you how to do it. Want to make a beautiful interactive PDF form? Here's how – and the only thing you'll need Adobe Acrobat for is to see the end result. You'll be amazed at just how easy it all is.

Adobe InDesign CC Advanced Tips & Tricks

Find the whole course on Udemy or Skillshare


2 hrs 31 videos

This course moves on from the basics and covers a wide range of useful advanced tips and tricks to help speed up your work. It covers creating and saving tables, story jumps, GREP searches, automatic captions, converting InDesign documents into MS Word format, adding footnotes, CMYK and RGB blending modes, data marge, putting images into text, creating your own keyboard shortcuts and how to hide menu items that you don’t often use – and a whole lot more. What could possibly go wrong...?