Cinema 4D: Fixing Holes

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Create a sphere, make it editable and enter Polygon mode. Select a few polygons and press ‘delete’. There is now a hole.

To fix it, this is what you do.

the same sphere set to show the points making up the surface

First, switch from Polygon mode to Point mode – and you’ll see that the points at all 4 corners of the polygons you deleted are still there. Weird.

the polygon pen tool, used to close up holes in objects

​Right click in the Viewport and choose ‘Polygon Pen’.

Then click on each of the four corners of one of the missing polygons, and a white replacement will appear.

Make sure you click on all four corners, because it will look complete after you click on three – but it’s not.

the repaired sphere

STOP PRESS: New in R20, Maxon decided that you could only see the 'old' polygon points if you switched them on. To do this, go to 'edit > preferences > modeling / sculpting' and change the 'Disconnected Points on Delete' setting to 'Preserve (press Shift to remove'). Then you'll see them.

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