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Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a great tool for all kinds of video editing. Importing clips and building a sequence is about as easy as building with Lego. Add music, transitions, and control volume tracks in a variety of different ways. You can tell background music to 'duck' out of the way of dialogue and use 'keyframes' to control audio levels within clips or across an entire sequence. You can edit colour, apply special effects and speed up or slow down playback, all at the touch of a few keys.


When you're done, you can export either as a quick-and-easy low-res draft copy for feedback and evaluation or as a high resolution HD broadcast-quality movie. For anyone who wants to edit video, our online training in Adobe Premiere Pro CC will get you up and running like a pro.

Tunnel Vision Ltd offers two Premiere Pro courses, Introduction and Advanced. Please see 'course outlines' (above) for more information.