Adobe Lightroom Classic

All courses are delivered by an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI).

Course materials will be sent to attendees 2 days prior to the course. 

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Lightroom Classic Intro - 1 day


Getting started:

  • Introducing Lightroom interface

  • Module picker

  • Dimming lights

Importing photos:

  • Shooting Raw vs JPEG

  • Importing images from a card

  • Importing images from a disk

  • File handling during import

  • Importing videos

Library module:

  • Lightroom catalogues

  • Backing up the catalogue

  • Library module panels

  • Working in loupe view

  • Working in survey view

  • Working in compare view

  • Rating and labelling images

  • Collections and smart collections

Develop module:

  • Develop module interface

  • Basic panel

  • Tone curve panel

  • HSL / color / B&W panel

  • Lens corrections panel

  • Effects panel

  • Black and white conversions

  • Sharpening images and noise reduction

  • Exporting images

Map module:

  • Geotagging images in the map module

  • Location filter bar

  • Editing pins

Book module:

  • Creating a book

  • Editing the book pages

  • Editing cover pages

  • Publishing the book

Slideshow module:

  • Creating a slideshow

  • Layout and options panels

  • Previewing and playing a slideshow

  • Exporting a slideshow


Print module:

  • Layout and settings panels

  • Page options

  • Picture packages

  • Print job panel, printing modes

  • Printing to JPEG

Web module:

  • Layout style panel

  • HTML, Flash and Viewer galleries

  • Using the Appearance panel

  • Changing the image info

  • Output settings

  • Exporting the web gallery

Lightroom Classic Advanced - 1 day


Advanced tour of Lightroom:

  • Advanced exploration of Lightroom interface

  • Adjusting the layout

  • Customising panels

  • Working with the main area

  • Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

  • Custom identity plates

Advanced importing:

  • Importing images from a watched folder

  • DNG vs RAW

  • Converting images to DNG

  • Shooting tethered from a camera

  • Working with multiple catalogues

  • Importing images from another catalogue

  • Advanced merging of catalogues


Viewing and managing images:

  • Mastering filmstrip

  • Mastering metadata

  • Using keywords

  • Using painter tool

  • Flagging images and deleting images

  • Renaming and batch renaming images

Quick develop:

  • Quick develop in library module

  • Rotating and flipping images

  • Colour corrections

Develop module:

  • Cropping images

  • Straightening images

  • Removing spots

  • Adjusting white balance

  • Applying colour corrections

  • Making colour adjustments

  • Applying a graduated filter

  • Removing distortions

  • Working with vignettes

  • Recreating film grain

  • Retouching Images with adjustment brush

  • Working with virtual copies

  • Synchronising adjustments

  • Editing images with Photoshop

  • Importing images from Photoshop

  • Undo and redo

  • Copying and pasting settings


Book module:

  • Accessing images in book module

  • Creating a photo book

  • Laying out a book

  • Configuring pages

  • Adding and removing pages

  • Book layout options

  • Photo books and collections

  • Book collections

  • Adding Text and captions to images

  • Exporting photo book for print


Slideshow module:

  • Choosing a slideshow template

  • Customising a slideshow template

  • Customising slideshow playback options

  • Exporting a slideshow

Print module:

  • Using print module templates

  • Single Image and contact sheet templates 

  • Creating and customising your own templates

  • Using and customising picture packages

  • Advanced printing options

Web module:

  • Customising a web gallery

  • Saving a custom web module template

  • Uploading a web gallery to a server

Post-production workflow:

  • Backing up a catalogue

  • Automatic backup

  • Backing up a library of images

  • Exporting images

  • Uploading images to Facebook and Flickr