Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe InDesign CC is absolutely the best page layout programme in the world. Once you learn how it works – and it's not hard – it will instantly becomes your tool of choice.


Anything you want to do with pages, InDesign can handle. Leaflets, posters, booklets, brochures, books – everything. It's great for interactive documents, too. Hyperlinks, interactive buttons, and documents containing more complex objects such as movies and sounds. You can even create beautiful interactive PDF forms that readers can fill out and return to you with a single click. What's not to love?

InDesign Intro - 2 days

£350 per person, per day.

Min 4 people, max 10.

Getting Started:

  • Managing Your Workspace

  • Setting up a new document

  • Zoom and scroll shortcuts

  • The Control Bar

  • Customising the Pages window

  • Basic working methods


InDesign Tools:

  • The Selection tools

  • The Drawing tools

  • Other tools


Working with Colour:

  • Creating, editing and applying colours

  • Flat colour

  • Gradients

  • Pantone ('spot') colours

Working with Text:

  • Creating / editing paragraph & character styles

  • Linking text frames

  • Text frame options

  • ’Span’ and ‘split’ text

  • Using tabs

  • Checking spelling

  • Find / Change

  • Tracking and horizontal scale

  • Creating 'placeholder' text

  • Importing text

  • Glyphs

  • Text Wrap


Working with Images:

  • Importing images into InDesign

  • Scaling and rotating images

  • Transparency

  • Cropping images

  • Auto-fit

  • Re-linking images

  • Placing multiple images simultaneously


Other Stuff:

  • Special effects

  • Using layers

  • Automatic page numbering

  • Adding and deleting document pages

  • Getting around in a multi-page document

  • Preflight

Using Table and Cell Styles:

  • Creating a table style

  • Creating cell styles

  • Header rows

  • Adding a header row style to a Table Style


Importing from Excel and Word:

  • Importing tables from Excel

  • Re-linking to new data


Creating a PDF:

  • Creating a low-resolution PDF

  • Creating a High Resolution PDF

Tunnel Vision Ltd offers Adobe InDesign CC courses from beginner to expert. See our course outlines, below.

We also have online training videos available – please check out our Video Tutorials page. If you like what you see, the full courses can be found here:


A Complete Introduction:

UdemySkillshare, CyberU and TabletWise

Advanced Tips and Tricks:

UdemySkillshare, CyberU and TabletWise

InDesign Interactive:

UdemySkillshare, CyberU and TabletWise

Any questions or comments, please contact us (below).

InDesign Advanced - 2 days

£350 per person, per day.

Min 4 people, max 10.


A brief overview:

  • Organizing your workspace

  • Zoom and scroll shortcuts

  • Advanced view options


Page Layout:

  • Master page tips and tricks

  • Customising the Pages window

  • Using Facing Pages

  • Starting a new 'section'

  • Page shuffle

  • Using Libraries

  • InDesign File Formats


More about text:

  • Advanced Style Sheet Tips

  • Text Gradients

  • Flowing text into a document

  • Creating type outlines

  • Removing text frames from a thread

  • Breaking a text thread

  • Separating text with the Tab command

  • Inserting and formatting footnotes

  • Creating ‘Story Jumps’

  • Moving column guides


  • Text Variables

  • Changing Case



  • Using the Pen Tool

  • Cutting / joining drawn lines

  • Compound paths and the Pathfinder window


More about colour:

  • Using the Eyedropper tool

  • Using the Colour Theme tool

  • CMYK vs. RGB and Pantone vs. process,


Advanced Graphics Options:

  • In-line Graphics

  • Anchored Objects

  • The ‘paste in place’ command

  • Inverted text wrap

  • Transparency and other effects

  • Placing multi-layered (‘.psd’) files

  • Selecting a ‘hidden’ object

  • Pathfinder and Align


Managing Long Documents:

  • The Book option

  • Numbering & Section Options

  • Creating a Table of Contents


Interactive InDesign:

  • Hyperlinks

  • Bookmarks

  • Buttons

  • Interactive PDF forms

  • Pop-ups

  • Adding a movie or sound


Creating a PDF: (review)

  • Creating a low-resolution PDF

  • Making a High Resolution PDF

  • Colour Management Systems (CMS)


Using a CMYK to RGB workflow



  • Changing the number of sides in a polygon

  • Creating a grid of objects

  • Making a slideshow

If you have any questions at all, please contact us: