Mindfulness Training Improve productivity, well-being and happiness

Cost: £350 per person, per day.


There is a 5 person minimum for a 1-day course, a 4 person minimum for a 2-day course, and a 3 person minimum for a 4-day course.

Mindfulness Training is a collection of methods intended to help us to gain control of our minds, so that our attention stays where we put it.


If you think that's already happening, try to keep your attention on something – anything – for just 5 minutes without your mind jumping to something else. Losing the object of concentration even for one second, counts.


You probably can't do it, which means you would benefit from this course. Because when we can do this, our increased levels of concentration enable us to accomplish more; we're much less likely to be distracted; we're more settled and less inclined to panic or become angry; we become better listeners, and our actions naturally become more powerful. We become leaders.


Mindfulness Training doesn't use tight, ‘stay there!’ methods. They're gentle, forgiving, and relaxed. After all, this is your own mind! And of course we should treat ourselves as we want others to treat us – as a friend, and not as an enemy, or a stranger.


The focus is on our minds because how we think determines everything we say and do, and what we say and do determines how others perceive and interact with us.


Of course, our bodies come first. If we're tense, exhausted or upset, or in a noisy, busy environment, we're unlikely to be able to practise mindfulness – so we have to start in a settled, calm, quiet place. Otherwise, we'll never manage it!



Course structure


The course is divided into four topics:

  1.  How we think
  2.  How we act
  3.  How we relate to others
  4.  How we find meaning


Each topic is further divided into four sub-topics. Each topic includes specific meditation techniques to help us constructively change our minds, and each topic also includes time for questions and answers.


The course can be delivered either in a 1-day, 2-day or 4-day format. The longer the course, the more time can be spent working with each area.


Ideally Mindfulness Training is delivered on-site where participants already work together – because that’s when the benefits can most clearly be seen.